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Headphones recommended


Born in Cottbus on the 18th of October, 1984, life wasn't always fair to Robert. The surrounding of working class district "Sachsendorf" early confronted him to social conflicts. In school, on the street and in sports.


Sports early became an important part in Robert's life. After handball and football he starts with track and field. Coaches quickly recognize him thanks to his outstanding athleticism.


1999 Robert follows the call of the sports boarding school and heads to Berlin, where older athletes take him under their wings. Robert is now focusing on throwing only and becomes youth vice-world champion in 2001.


2009 a superstar is born - Robert becomes world champion for the first time. He stays undefeated for unbelivable 33 competitons in a row. Right in the wave of success: Olympic gold 2012.

Cruciate Rupture

But Robert pays tribute to his success. It happens 2014 while jogging - cruciate rupture. Doom for a discus thrower. But Robert doesn't give up and gets back to training.


2016 Robert starts at the Olympic Games in Rio. But he suffers lumbago the night before his competition. However privately everything works fine. He marries his great love Julia Fischer.


After a second knee surgery in October 2016 Robert has his next comeback. Although he struggles in practice, he becomes German champion for the 10th time in July 2017. National head coach Dr. Marko Badura is the new coach on his site.

London Calling

The exit from top class sports starts at the IAAF World Championships 2017 in London (Check out Episode 01 for the result).


For his great aim - a medal at the European Athletics Championships 2018 - Robert has to explore new ways. Frequently dance workout with coach Nora Badura is a set part of the training plan in winter 2017.


Cross-country skiing pushes Robert and the material to the limit. Falling down. Getting up. Continue. The snow collapses under the slim planks and the load of 125 kilo body weight.

Headphones recommended

SECHSVIERTEL The Exit of Robert Harting

  until the final throw.

The countdown has expired. Robert Harting has officially ended his athletic career. How does he experience the exit from elite sports? Scroll down to watch the episodes, ask Robert your questions and subscribe to the newsletter. The story continues.

"I would be very happy, if you follow my story."


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Episode 1

The Inception Of The End

The last year of discus thrower Robert Harting starts at the place of his greatest athletic success. He returns to London for the world championships with mixed feelings.

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Episode 2

The Message

Due to injuries the last three years haven't been perfect at all. But Robert starts highly motivated into the new season. For the final of his career he wants a medal at the European Athletics Championships 2018 in Berlin. The plan is set, but after breakfast Robert receives an unexpected message.

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Episode 3

My New Me

What comes next after a career in sports? Robert realizes, he has to start right from the beginning after his exit. This is why he enrolled again at the 'Collage of Fine Arts' in Berlin to write his master thesis.

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Episode 4

Where I Live

In the life of a top athlete everything is measurable - only emotions are not. Season opener at the ISTAF Indoor event introduces the world, in which Robert lives in as a discus thrower and which he will quit with.

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Episode 5

Power and Performance

Robert is a family man and at the same time a lone fighter. In episode 5, we accompany him on a nocturnal raid through Berlin, during training and show his (cooking) skills.

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Episode 6

Sun, Sand and Suffering

In episode 6 we meet Robert while training camp on Fuerteventura. But there is no time for sun and beach. Robert has got some other worries to deal with.

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Episode 7

Head or Knee

Right before the competitive part of the season kicks off, Robert has to do a performance diagnostics. Project 'European Championships' is everything but proofed. But the hightech measurements are a silver lining for Robert.

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Episode 8


Good and bad experiences - Robert learned either way. In his hometown Cottbus Robert meets up with his past and an old companion who believed in his success from the early days.


The whole story

What's next? Surely you followed Robert at the European Athletics or saw his emotional farewell at the ISTAF in Berlin. Of course we were behind the scenes and captured very special moments. The movie with the whole story of his last career year will hit the big screen in 2020. If you do not want to miss anything, sign up for the newsletter.

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My plan for 2018

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Robert talks about his athletic goals and why his studies will help him.

My childhood

Robert Harting Sechsviertel Filmprojekt

Robert remembers his hard childhood in Cottbus and living with brother Christoph.

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