SECHSVIERTEL – The Exit of Robert Harting

Robert Harting won everything as a discus thrower: Olympic gold, World and European Champion. He will finish his career as an athlete in summer 2018. But before, he wants to go on his final stage one last time: on his “home turf” – the Olympiastadion Berlin – he’ll try to end his outstanding career with a highlight in front of 55.000 people.

But who is this Robert Harting actually? Up to what extent is the public image of the loud and contrary superstar for real? What terrifys him in the end of his athlete’s life? And how will he manage to motivate one final time after his long-term injuries.

That’s exactly what the transmedia movie project SECHSVIERTEL wants to figure out. Director Guido Weihermüller and his team, which already went along with Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst on their way to Olympic gold 2016 in Rio, want to show the unknown features of the discus thrower.  As a user of the documentary you can trace the journey of Robert Harting and eventually become his companion.

The project SECHSVIERTEL reveals the web documentary, as well as a TV documentary (47 min) and a movie.


Why is the project called SECHSVIERTEL?

In a discus throw, the thrower completes a one and a half turn before the throwing device leaves the hand. This 540 ° movement has the goal of continuously accelerating the discus and sending it on its way at maximum speed. Exactly how the discus throw can be divided into six quarters (in German: “sechs Viertel”), the life of Robert Harting is more than a closed circle. Again and again, the 33 year old breaks out, accelerates himself and others. Hardly any other top German athlete has so many rough edges, had to go detours and assert himself to find his own way. SECHSVIERTEL therefore describes more than the athletic career, but also wants to shed light on the before, the after and the next.

The division into six quarters is reflected in content and form in the web documentary and the movie.